Our Group

SMCRG has expertise in a wide range of disciplines that includes medicinal, organic, computational and electroanalytical chemistry. Our strengths lie in structure-based drug design, synthetic medicinal and organic chemistry focussing on discovery and development of anti-HIV, anti-cancer, anti-tubercular and anti-microbial compounds. The objective of the group is to optimise the potency, selectivity and bioavailability of a pharmacologically active compound, while minimising its side-effects. We also investigate the optimization of existing drugs, identify and synthesise the metabolic products of these drugs and related compounds. We pursue small molecule hits from high throughput screens (HTS), perform lead optimization studies to develop structure-activity-relationships (SAR) and ultimately deliver small molecules with acceptable properties to validate novel targets/mechanisms in vivo and in vitro. Some of our projects involves some targeted synthesis involving modern synthesis methodology such as organocatalysis and metal-based catalysis. We collaborate closely with other national and international research groups, both in academia and pharmaceutical industry. 

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