Important Links

Organic synthesis:

Crystallography website:

Drug Design and Discovery website-softwares:

1) TBrowse : Largest integrative genomic resource on Mtb H37Rv

2) CRDD : Comprehensive resource for drug discovery

3) OSDDChem : Database of molecules with anti-TB drug like properties 

4) MetaPred: Predict cytochrome P450 isoform responsible for drug metabolism 

5) KetoDrug : binding affinity prediction of ketoxazole derivatives against FAAH

6) KiDoq: Docking energy score based prediction of antibacterials 

7) ccPDB : Compilation and creation of datasets from PDB 

8) GiDoQ : QSAR and docking prediction of Mtb inhibitors

Docking Studies Free Softwares:

Database Screening:

Ligand-based drug-design softwares:

Pharmacological screening website:

General Literature Search:

Chemical Structure drawing softwares:

In silico activity screening website:

Toxicity Prediction website:

Analytical Instrumentation softwares:

Free Reference Manager Servers:

Plagiarism Identification Tool:

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